The Program for the Sector

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White Appliances Stores

For the companies that sell electronic, GSM and white appliances, the common features in our programs are listed below. The expert staff of VegaGrup Software will help you to make the most appropriate selection based on your company's needs and transaction volume. The programs prepared in line with the common demands of the companies operating in this sector make it possible to do the following:

  • Unlimited product tracking
  • Brand-model product monitoring
  • Store program serial number tracking
  • Tracking with (IMEI) number in GSM stores
  • Sales with barcode
  • Store counting operations
  • Storage transfer and storage acceptance operations
  • Integration of the barcode systems of the manufacturers into the store stock tracking system
  • Integration of the barcode systems of the manufacturers into the store stock tracking system
  • Editing a display with touch screen kiosk
  • Stock inventory-price inquiry between branches
  • Daily store turnover tracking
  • Daily cashier transactions with store program
  • Sales with cash-credit cards and shopping vouchers / gift certificates
  • Installment sales transactions
  • Preparation of lists of customers delaying their debt
  • Informing customers via SMS
  • Automatic monitoring of customer CRM information with the store program
  • Customer points tracking with CRM solutions
  • CRM customer club card and smart card applications
  • Card point applications with club card or smart
  • Integration of credit card installment transactions with the bank program (automatic collection of collection times and commissions)
  • Automated bank transactions of Vega program with contracted banks
  • Automatic monitoring of credit card usage and credit card expenses and payment days of payments to firms
  • Businness Score
  • Store schedule instant boss reports
  • Instant turnover monitoring of multiple branches
  • Monitoring top 10 and top 100 listings of instant sales
  • Reporting of best-selling brand and best-selling model
  • Best-selling product reporting
  • Offline working option for the stores that have the risk of internet disconnection (being able to sell even if there is no connection)
  • PC usage or fiscal approved cash register / pos usage