Human Resources

Vega Software takes its power from responsible, innovative and qualified human resources. Therefore, our human resources policy is that, in line with our company's goals and strategies, we aim to bring qualified human power to our group and to increase the loyalty of our employees with our human resources practices. Based on the principle of “having the right person for the right job”, we provide equal opportunity to all candidates while recruiting our staff. The basis of our recruitment policy is to plan the manpower effectively in line with our needs analysis, and to place the most appropriate and right people in the right positions in line with company’s values and culture. For the most accurate placement, the criteria and methods determined on the basis of positions are used. Recruitment activities are carried out within the annual plan and the process steps are structured in a standard and perspicuous manner. Every employee who is successful in our company has the chance to get pomotion to the highest position as long as he maintains his success. If you want to work in our company, you should contact our Ankara head office and send your CV by e-mail or by post.

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