By exhibiting a stable infrastructure development across Turkey, Vega Sofware offers product sales and marketing in parallel with product training, support and counseling services within the framework of more than 300 expert dynamic staffed solution partnership. VegaGroup Software, the leading software company of our country, develops reliable, innovative and original solutions with its knowledge. VegaGroup Software markets products with Solution Partners and Authorized Dealers and offers application, training and support. Planned and stable practices have increased the market share of the products and ensured their branding. VegaGroup Software, one of the leading companies in the IT sector, offers its services without compromising on Total Quality.


VegaGrup Software focuses on ERP, MRP 2 (Production Planning Tracking and Control), Order - Purchase - Stock Planning - Logistics Management, Retailer Management, Finance - Accounting Management, Scales - Cash Register - POS - Retail Solutions, BARCODE Applications, Handheld Terminal Applications, Hot Sales, Restaurant - Cafe -Fastfood Management, Staff Efficiency Tracking, RF / ID applications.

Quality Policy

In order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers in line with company's objectives and Quality Management System; our company is committed to complying with the Quality Management System requirements, continuously improving the Quality Management System, not compromising on service quality under any conditions, taking all risks under control, ensuring the continuous development and satisfaction of our employees, addressing customer complaints effectively and keeping customer satisfaction in the forefront.

Information Security Policy

In order to ensure the continuous development of the Information Security Management System, our company is committed to applying the necessary controls for all assets over the acceptable level, measuring the performance of information security processes, determining targets from these data, identifying and minimizing the risks related to confidentiality, integrity and access of information through infrastructure, working environment, hardware, software and investments and meeting the safety of our customers' information in accordance with the legal requirements.

Service Management Policy

With our Service Management policy; We ensure how our service management system will be planned, established, operated, monitored, maintained and improved. System capacities are monitored according to determined criteria and improvements are made according to the need. It is aimed to ensure the sustainability of all the services we offer as being open to innovation, result and customer oriented. With our processes, more efficient and effective use of resources, increase in security, speed and accessibility in service processes, maintaining our services at the quality level we aim, managing risks correctly and on time, managing business processes in accordance with applicable laws, regulations and requirements, in line with business relations policies and effectively adopted as a communication principle.

Business Continuity Management Policy

In the event that the events that may interrupt our services are at a level that endanger human life, it is of paramount importance for our company to protect human life. Our aim is primarily; is to secure human life, to prevent or keep to a minimum the events and effects that may cause business continuity interruption. By taking the ISO 22301 Standard as a guide, risk analysis results, audit results, actual events and test results are evaluated for the regular operation of the system, and continuous improvement is ensured with corrective and preventive actions. Moreover; targets for continuous improvement are determined and various plans are made to realize these targets and put into practice.

Personal Data Management System Policy

As VegaGrup Software; It collects and processes personal data in compliance with the laws of Turkey and the European Union Member States in order to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, especially the privacy of private life. All our personal data processing activities are covered by our policy. To these; including the processing of personal and sensitive personal data of employees, employee candidates, customers, suppliers and any data collected and processed from any source. It prevents the unlawful processing of personal data and takes the necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the appropriate level of security in order to preserve the data, and within this scope, it carries out the necessary inspections and has them done. Regarding the processing of personal data; in accordance with the law and the rules of honesty, accurate and up-to-date when necessary; for specific, clear and legitimate purposes; For this purpose, personal data processing activities are carried out in a limited and measured way. It preserves data for as long as required by law or for the purpose of processing personal data. It informs the personal data owners and provides the necessary information in case personal data owners request information. Acting in accordance with the regulations envisaged in terms of the processing of sensitive personal data and except for the cases expressly stipulated in the laws, it does not carry out any acts or activities without express consent. It carries out its acts and activities by acting in accordance with the regulations stipulated in the law regarding the transfer of personal data. It raises awareness about the protection of personal data and conveys its related obligations to its parties involved in internal and external matters. It organizes trainings for the development of technical and behavioral competencies in order to raise awareness on the protection of Personal Data. It manages personal data violations, evaluates the issue according to the disciplinary procedure, and immediately informs the board officials about criminal offenses and violations. With process-based asset inventory and process-based risk assessment, it constantly monitors the confidentiality and integrity of personal data, the up-to-dateness of data, and personal data access authorities. It undertakes to implement the applications for the Personal Data Protection Management System, to manage it systematically, to ensure the continuous improvement of the system and to allocate the resources needed by the system. We adopt it as our basic policies within our personal data management system.