The Program for the Sector

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VegaGroup Software Smart is designed for accounting program, accounting, public accountant and certified pulic accountant offices. Vega smart accounting program is a windows-based user-friendly program. It makes many things easier as it is easy to use and has user-friendly quick solutions with only one single click. You can manage unified accounting plan applications, business book, staff, declaration, pre-accountancy, fixed asset applications within a single program.

    Smart Accounting Program

  • You can always see the accounting plan with accounting program
  • You can specify the level of account and account length you want
  • You can hide the account you want with our accounting software
  • You can access important reports such as trial balance and subsidiary via the accounting follow-up account calculation plan
  • You can define automatic tax return to your accounts
  • You can also transfer your accounting receipts to the same account plan.
  • You can determine the period when processing your accounting receipts.
  • You can do the accounting transactions with Smart accounting software when creating your accounting receipts.
  • You can do the accounting transactions with Smart accounting software when creating your accounting receipts.
  • Receipt history
  • Check out the main account on the summary screen
  • Unlimited deleted receipt recovery
  • Accounting-debt-credit search in accounting receipt
  • You can easily combine accounting receipts with our accounting program
  • You can then continue with your unfinished receipt.
  • Transfer transactions between accounts
  • Reach the receipt from trial balance and subsidiary
  • Financial statements and comparative reports
  • Define your criteria with accounting software when you sort out your receipts
  • You can create voucher templates.
  • You can access subsidiary-trial balance-monthly trial balance reports.
  • You will always see the account balance in accounting receipt
  • You can choose multiple accounts in accounting receipt
  • You can do the end-of-period reflection account transactions automatically with the Smart accounting program.
  • You can apply severence and notice pay automatically with accounting tracking program
  • With the pre-accounting program, you can transfer the payroll to the accounting and business book.
  • E-declaration and monthly service statement
  • You can get monthly company cost report with Smart accounting program.
  • Staff information report
  • Health permits and advance payments
  • So how do you know the cost of a staff?
  • All the declarations you use routinely in your office applications are available in the accounting software.
  • E-declaration application is available.
  • Property Records
  • Depreciation transactions
  • Property Reports
  • Transfer between income and expense pages with current account tracking
  • The income and expense could be printed separately or together with current account income and expense tracking.
  • You can copy information and description between companies and periods
  • Monthly VAT Report or Monthly Total VAT